About Fanfán

"Fanfán Tulipán is a naive art in jazz. It seems to be very easy, but in fact this approach is usually the hardest. That is why I like them and why they got so much space at our festival."
(Rudy Linka, jazz guitarist and organizer
of the biggest Czech jazz festival Bohemia Jazz Fest

"Fanfán Tulipán does not want to flirt with something that would ensure wider audience. And certainly it is not the language of the former traditional jazz. This ensemble is focused on playfulness and pure means of expression, which does not have to be artistically inferior."
(Lubomír Dorù¾ka, doyen of Czech jazz critics

"Mixture of dynamic jazz with elements of Slavic tradition and stage show."
(Jury of international competition Jazz Prix)

"The album Polyorama deserves attention, though the music does not solve any intellectual expressions of contemporary jazz. Music of Fanfán Tulipán is understandable and clear, playful and joyful, but at the right time also serious."
(Vladimír Kouøil, magazine UNI)